• ComboBox is a commonly used graphical user interface item type.It is a combination of a drop-down list or list box and it is a single-line textbox, allowing the user to either type a value directly into the control or choose from the list of existing options.
  • A simple ComboBox look like this


Uses of ComboBox

  • Combo boxes are typically applied to provide autocomplete or autotype functionality in a convenient way to the user .
  • Here you can see how a ComboBox is giving the list based on your input.This feature of ComboBox is called as AutoComplete.


  • Using ComboBox we can select multiple items in the list ( Multi Select ComboBox ).
  • This is a ComboBox where Multi Select is disabled.


  • This is a ComboBox where Multi Select is Enabled.


Using ComboBox we can get the item list directly from the DataSource ( ComboBox With DataSource ).

Types of ComboBoxes

There are two types of ComboBoxes that platform supports.

1. Simple ComboBox.

2. ComboBox with DataSource.

Simple ComboBox

  • A simple ComboBox is just like a listbox where we can choose an item from a list. By default ComboBox acts as a Simple ComboBox if you haven't specified any DataSource to it.

Creating a Simple ComboBox

  • Keep the Data Source field blank for a simple ComboBox


  • Select the values you want to display in the ComboBox


  • You can also specify the value and text in simple values as shown Simple values : N:New,P:Pending,C:Closed .

Here N,P,C are the respected values of New,Pending,Closed.

  • Select the view attribute to which attribute of data source you want to add


  • Then Click on save


  • Now a Simple ComboBox is created on your page.

ComboBox using DataSource

  • ComboBox where the values are directly populated from the DataSource and listed on the ComboBox.

Creating a ComboBox using DataSource

  • Select the DataSource from which you want to list the items in ComboBox.


  • Select the display attribute whose attribute values you want to populate in ComboBox.


  • Select the value attribute through which you want to get the data from DataSource.


  • Select the view attribute to which DataSource attribute the data is going to store.


  • Then Click on save


  • Now a ComboBox is created with a DataSource 'Accountability'. The values of ComboBox is populated with the Display Attribute 'Meaning' Values by looking at the values of Value Attribute 'Status Code', On selecting it will store into View Attribute 'Status'.


Allow Multi Selection This property allows you to select multiple values from LOV or Combobox.
Data source  It specifies the datasource name from which the values should be filled in the combobox.
Max Height  It returns the dropdown list's max height.
  Eg: Max height=20 
Min List Width It sets the minimum width of the dropdown list in pixels based on the value that you provide.
Type Ahead To populate and auto select the remainder of the text being typed after a configurable delay

To know more about the properties of combo box, refer to Common Properties.


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