What is a Master-detail Screen

A master-detail application allows you to view data from related tables at the same time. The records from a master table can be viewed along with related records from the detail table. 
Pre-requisites for creating a Master –Details Screen.

You need to have two tables i.e two datasources need to be generated. 
1) Master Table with primary key specified.
2) Child table with Foreign Key (Pk of Master Table) specified.

Goto NavigationDeveloper Generate Screen From Table/ View.
Click on Generate Screen From Table/ View.


  • Enter the Master Screen details and child screen details and generate them. Along with this the datasources are automatically generated by the Platform with the table name .
  • Now go to the Navigation →  Role (The role to which you assigned your generated page)Page name.

  • Click on it and it will navigate you to the master screen.
  • Here you need to design the page in such a way that, you have your master screen on the top and child screen below it. This brings a clear understanding.
  • To do this you should have two datasources 1) master screens datasource and 2) child screen datasource. These are specified at the widget level.
  •  Now to customize the Screen, go to FileAdministrationCustomize Page.
  • Here for example we can consider Master screens datasource as Projects and child screens datasource as Tasks.
  • Create a Grid and specify the datasource as Tasks below the Master Grid. Then Right click on the grid and click on auto-populate the items.
  • For the Grid you need to specify the default where clause as #projectid# = #{Projects.projectid}.

  • Parent Datasource as Projects.
  • #projectid# = #{Projects.projectid}
  • Here the #projectid# is the field in the Child Datasource(Tasks).
  • #{Projects.projectid} is the field in the Master Datasource(Projects).
  • This means that we are relating the current project_id in Tasks to project_id in Projects.
  • So when the Master screen is displayed with data, the child is also queried based on the condition specified.


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