What is a Custom Search Panel?

  • Custom Search Panel is also a type of search where you can define your own  customized search area.
  • You can define your search panel for any grid according to your requirement.

When do we use it?

  • Custom Search Panel is used when your search criteria differs with the Default search provided by platform.
  • If you want to query multiple data sources and display data in a grid, you can use a custom search panel where the search criteria includes not only columns of the corresponding grid but also columns from some other data source as well.
  • Pre Query Script is written to perform the Search Query.

What are the advantages?

  • Gives a significant control on what to search for.
  • You can define the order and sequence in which the Search columns appear in the Search area.
  • You can write complex search queries using the Pre Query Script mechanism.
  • You can make use of the Oracle Custom Search API.

How to Create Custom Search Panel?

  • To create a Custom Search Panel go to customize page and click on the required grid where the custom search panel should be added.
  • Click on new and select the item type as Custom Search Panel.
custom search 1
  • Define the required fields below it.
  • You can arrange them the way you want.

Sample Screen Shots

The below shown image is a custom search panel where the required fields are defined according to the search criteria.
 custom search3

Now perfom a search by specifyig the data in the search screen.

Custom Search 2

Properties Of Custom Search Panel:

To view the properties of Custom Seach Panel, goto Properties.

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