What is inline creation in LOV?

  • It allows the user to add new values to the LOV on the fly.

What's big deal about it?

  • Basically LOV allows you to choose value(s) from a List. If a particular value is not available then you need to use another screen to add the value and then come back to choose it. Inline Creation ability allows the user to add the new value and choose it. The newly added value is automatically inserted into the corresponding datasource.

When do we use it?

  • If you want to define an Item, where user can select values from the list and allow him to insert new values. Then you can go with inline creation in LOV.

Steps to implement inline creation feature in LOV

  • To implement inline feature for a LOV, Customize Page.
  • Select the LOV field where you wan to assign inline functionality. And click new icon .


Select Item Type LovCreateContainer and assign required Ddata soruce object(where you want to insert values).And provide button text name.


  • Select recently created LovCreateContainer and add required Items to it, for accepting values from user. Select view attributes for newly created items under LovContainer.


  • Once inline functionality is added to the LOV, New button will be appeared on the LOV window.

  • If you click on New button , a popup arises where you can enter the details.


  • After entering the values click on Create & Select button to create and select the newly entered values.

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Properties Of LOV Create Container:

Create Button Text : It is the text that appears on the create button of Lov Container.


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