What is inline editing in LOV?

  • Inline editing in LOV is an additional feature that platform provides.

What's big deal about it?

  • Inline Editing of LOV provides you the ability to update the existing data in the datasource object.

When do we use it?

  • When you want to edit the data on the fly.

Steps to implement inline editing feature in LOV

  • Goto Customize Page
  • Select the Lov Field which is already existing in Page Layout.Click New icon on the top left corner to add LovEditContainer.

  • Add the  LovEditContainer as follows

  • Now add the required  fields below the Lov Edit Container.
  • Save the changes and go to preview page.
  • Now when you click on the Lov, a popup with an additional button will be displayed(Verify Details and Select). 

For editing a record in LOV, you need select the record and click on  "Verify Details & Select " button then you will see the screen as below

  • Now you can edit the values and click Apply & Select to save and select the existing record.

Properties Of LOV Edit Container

1. Edit Button Text : It is the text that appears on the edit button of LOVContainer.


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