PreQuery, PostQuery & Server Side Validation

In this lesson, you will learn how to define PreQuery, PostQuery & Server Side Validation scripts for a Data Source. Please refer to the Pre QueryPost Query & Serverside Validation help articles to learn more about these.

  • Now to add an 'Active' column in the table( OE_ORDER_HEADERS_ALL).
  • For that you need to Execute this in the SQL Query Browser - ALTER TABLE OE_ORDER_HEADERS_ALL ADD ACTIVE VARCHAR2(1);


  • Now goto the data source that is associated to this table in the platform.( Navigation → Developer → Data source list)
  • Click on the data source.

  • Enable Sync and click on save button.
  • The Active field will be added as attribute to the data source.
  • Now specify the Default value, Primary Key field and enable the Auto Sequence property.
  • Since EmployeeDetails data source and EmployeeGeneratedScreen data source are pointing to the same Table, specify the same default value as of EmployeeDetails datasource.
  • Now create two fields 'Active Text' and 'Flag' as calculated columns in the data source by clicking on Add new attribute button.
  • Click on 'Active Text' field and uncheck the Select Allowed, Query Allowed, Export Allowed in the Attributes details panel which is at the bottom.
  • Similarly do it for 'Flag'.

  • Now go to page where this data source is specified.
  • Click on Grid and click on New button on Page Layout header.
  • A new child will be created and now select the item type as check box from the property pallet.
  • Specify the field label as Active.
  • Create one more child to the grid which is a button.
  • Name it as Pre Query.
  • Below the button create a button action as "Action Query" and specify the data source(OrderScreenAuto).
  • Create child to the "Action Query" and set the data as in image.


  • Click on save button.


  •  Now go to the OrderScreenAuto data source and click on PreQuery Script tab. 
  •  Write the prequery.

  • Click on save button.
  • Go to preview page and  go to the Employee Generated Screen page. 
  • Click on Search button.
  • By default all the rows are displayed.
  • Now Enable the Active field Check box for Christian and Jessy and click on save, in this case which means they are the active Purchase Orders.
  • Then Click on Prequery button.
  • This means that, the Active Purchase Orders alone are to be displayed. 
  • This is how the Query is appended in the Sql Query. To See the query goto File → Administration → Examine Recent SQLs.

  • First query is performed when Pre Query button is clicked.
  • Second query is by default performed, when you click on search button.
  • The output on the query  looks as below.

Post Query:

  • In the similar way, goto datasource and click on the Post Query Script.
  • Write the Post Query over here and save it.

  • Goto the Employee Generated Screen.
  • Then goto customize page.
  • Click on the Grid( Employee Details) and click on New button on the page layout.
  • A new child item will be populated and now select the item type as text field.
  • Specify the view attribute as "Active Text" and field label as Active Text.
  • In this case, it is to return text saying 'Active Users' if users are active user or else as non-active user.
  • As there is a "Active Text field", this is being used to set the post query returned value into it.
  • This is how the output looks like.

Serverside Validation:

  • Go to the data source page and enter the Serverside validation script.
  • Click on save. 
  • Here validation is written against the "After Insert" property.

    Note: You can fire the Servervalidation on either of these: 'Before Insert','Befor Update','After Insert','After Update'.

  • So it executes after a record gets inserted into that table.
  • Now goto the page 'EmployeeGenerateScreen'.

This is how the output looks like.


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