Define New Page

In this lesson, you will learn how to create a new page and assign it to a Role. Please refer to the Page help article to learn more about page.

Define a Page

  • Go to Navigation → Developer → Define Pages.

  • Click on Add New Page and a new Row will be added.
  • Enter the Page Name, Page Code and Window title.
    Note: Make sure that the Page Code and Page Name are unique.
  • To make the Page read only, check the Read Only property.
  • Click on save.
    Page Created! You have successfully created a new Page.

Assign Page to a Role

  • Click the 'Where Used?' icon  to open a pop-up.
  • Select the Role from the drop-down and Click on Save to associate the page to a Role.
  • Click on the 'Add To Role' button to create a new row and associate the Role.
  • Check the 'Show In Menu' to show the Page name in the Role Menu - (Navigation -> Role Name -> Page Name).
  • Now refresh the browser.
    Note: Browser refresh is required to see the changes reflected to the Navigation Menu.
  • To view the page that has been assigned to the current role, Go to Navigation → Order Management (role that we defined) → Order Creation Form (the given page name).


    Note: To view the assigned page goto the Navigation → Role → Page


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