What is an Object?

How to Query an Object Definition?

  • Navigation →Developer →Data Source List.

  • Search for the Object on the Object Search region.

How to create a new Object Definition?

  • First enter the table name, then enter the data source name and enable the Active check box.
  • Save the data.
  • Now enable the Sync check box and click on save.
  • Then all the columns in the table/view get populated in the data source. 

Object Properties 

Datasource Name A unique name given to the Object. This is the value that will be used while binding the Datasource with the UI component.
Active Indicates whether Object is active or inactive. Once inactivated any UI component that is bound to the Object will throw an error while trying to access the Object
Email On Insert If this property is enabled, then a mail will be sent every time when an insert action takes place on this data source.
Email On Update If this property is enabled, then a mail will be sent every time when an update action takes place on this data source.
Table Name  This is the data base table name or view name .
Sync To Synchronize the datasource metadata with that of the database object
Use API  If you want your package to be accessed by the platform then you need to enable the Use Api check box.
Call Post Query  If you want to write business logic in you package which returns a value after the data is commited in the data base, then check the Call post query property.
Confirmation Enabled  If you wish to have any confirmation message to shown in the Ui, then check the confirmation Property .
API Name  This is the package name through which the platform can access when Use Api property is checked.
Object Handler Class  If the user wants to execute his own processes then he can come up with a Object Handler Class.So specify the Class name ove here.
API Spec  
Log Level

Specify the debug log level, the log level is set on the Database. You can use the slider as shown below to specify log level.Maximum level is 20.

Loglevel img.jpg

How to update objects?

  • Objects which are already created and being used in the application can be updated with new attributes by using the sync option.

Assumption: As each object is associated with a Table/View and object attributes are associated with columns in the table, the user is assumed to have already created the new columns in the corresponding database table/view.


  1. Go to Navigation → Developer →Data Source List.
  2. Choose the Data source object that needs to be updated among the list displayed
  3. Click on the Object Name to navigate to the Datasource details page
  4. Check the Sync Checkbox and click on Save Button


Object Details Tabs

  • When the User clicks on any of the Datasource Object, a Tab appears with the following tabitems.
  1. Attributes
  2. Server side validation script
  3. Actions
  4. Pre Query Script
  5. Post Query


  • The attribute tab contains all the attributes of the respective datasource object in the first column and its respective properties in the following columns.

Update Attributes

While Updating the attribute type and max length of an attribute for an underlying Table/View which are not maintained by RapApp follow the below steps.

  • Make the datasource object inactive and click on save.
  • Update the attribute and click on save.
  • Then make the datasouce object active again and click on save.

Server side validation script


  • Email actions on the datasource are done in this tab.
  • for more details refer to Email actions.

Pre Query Script

Custom Search code can be specified as part of Pre Query Script for a object

Prequeryyscript img.png

Post Query Script


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