Common Properties of the UI Components

Properties Description
Allow Blank Specifies if a field can be left blank. Uncheck for mandatory/required fields.
Border It draws a border around the component. You may want to uncheck this property most of the time, especially when you have nested layouts to avoid too many border lines around the layout contains.
Body Border It provides an interior border on the body element of the panel. Most likely this would be checked for all Grid & ContentPanel items when not nested within another container with borders checked.
Button Allign Choose an alignment for the buttons in a content or form panel. As a standard practive leave this to the default value "Right"
Collapsed Sets the panel's expand state. Check this if you want the content panel to be collapsed while rendering. This is only checked if there are lots of collasible panels on the screen and if this panel is not so important for the users to see always in open state.
Collapsible Check to make the panel collapsible and have the expand/collapse toggle button automatically rendered into the header toolbar area.
Default Value Use this property to specify a default value for a field when creating a new record. e.g. #{session.userid} #{session.displayname} sysdate Some Constant Value or any other Expression
Enabled Uncheck this if you want the component to be rendered as disabled.
Field Label Specifies the label to be used for the field within a FormPanel
Formula It helps you do arithmetic calculations based on the formula that you provide. Refer to Expression for the help on mathamatical funcations
Format Specify the format that is to be used for the field data. Refer to GWT's NumberFormat & DateTimeFormat for more details.  e.g. d-MMM-yyyy h:mm a #,##0.00 #
Frame A slight dark background will be applied to the ContentPanel if the Frame property is checked.
Sets the heading of a panel. You can use Expression to specify context specific header e.g. Customer: #{CustomersDatasource.customerName}
Header visible Check this to make the heading bar visible for a panel
Help Text Tooltip text
Icon Choose an Icon to be used for the component
Item Id It is a unique Id for each component. By default, item1, item2 etc. would be generated. Change this to a meaningful value for the components that are referenced by other components/actions. Refert to Naming Standards for some guidelines on naming Item Id
Item Name Specify a user friendly name to the component. This is displayed on the page structure tree in the designer and on developer error messages.
Insert Allowed When checked, allows the user to enter a value while creating a new record. In other words, the field will be editable when the records status is New or Insert.
Link Token Refer to Link token Syntax.
Read Only Check to make the component to render as read-only irrespective of the record status. When checked, both the Insert Allowed & Update Allowed would be automcatically unchecked.
Scroll Mode Leave this to "None" if you have specified a fixed width & height for this container. Set it to one of the "Auto" options if there are more content than the container itself so that a scroll bar will be display when needed.
Server validate on change When checked, VALIDATE_ROW procedure will get called when the field's value is changed by the user.
Text Allignment Aligns the text within the field. Leave the alignment to "End" for all the number fields. You may want to choose "Center" if you are displaying an icon with a Link item type within a grid.
Update Allowed When checked, allows the user to update an existing field data that is fetched from the database. In other words, the field is editable when the record status is Query or Update.
View Attribute Choose the view attribute to which you want this field to be bound. Note: Depending on the field type you may only see a partial list of attributes. e.g. for DateField you will only see attributes of type DateTime or StringDateTime. For NumberField, you will only see attributes of type Decimal.
Visible Uncheck to render the component as hidden.
Width Specify the width in pixels for the component.
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