What is Reference Item

It is an Item that you specify in any part of the application as Reference Item. This makes you get the replica of an Item.

Why you need Reference Item

It helps you reduce the repeated work that you need to do.

Where to use Reference item

You can use the Reference item where you feel the repeated work can be reduced.

Reference Popup:

  • Now consider two pages i.e Page1 and Page2 in an application.
  • In Page1 create a popup either as a child item to Link or Button.
  • Here consider the Item_Id of that popup is Item539 and now change the item id to custPopup(Give any appropriate name to the itemid).

  • Now go to Page2.
  • Go to customize page.
  • Create a Button or Link.
  • Then click on New button on the top left corner of the page layout.
  • A child item gets added.
  • Then select a Child to Button or Link whose Item Type is ReferenceItem.

  • Under that specify the Reference Page( here as customerdetails) and Reference Item_id i.e page1 popup Item_Id (custPopup).
  • Once this is done ,save the changes. 
  • Click on preview page.
  • Now click on the button or link that you added.

Reference Layout Container/ Content Panel:

In Page1 create a Layout Container/ Content Panel and then you can have child widgets to it as you prefer.

  • Now go to Page2  customize page and select the Layout Container/ Content Panel.
  • Add a new child item to the panel.
  • Then select a Child Item type as ReferenseItem.

  • Under that specify the Reference Page( here asPage1) and Reference Item_id i.e Page1 Layout Container/ Content Panel Item_Id (item43).
  • Once this is done ,save the changes.Go to Page2 and you can find the changes.


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