TextField is an UI Component


Auto Tab

Automatically tabs out to the next navigable item when the entered value reaches the max length defined.
Commit On Change
Performs a database post as soon as the value is changed by the user and tabbed out.

Default Value

Defines the default value for the field.

SYSDATE #{MasterDataSource.attributename} String Constant 123 currdate()+1

Empty Text

Specify the Text to be displayed when the field has no value


Use UPPERCASE or LOWERCASE to transform the entered text into required case.


Could be any expression
e.g. ifNull(#{amount},0)

Help Text

Text to be displayed as tooltip

Next Item Id To Focus

Item ID of the next focusable field into which the focus need to be set when the user tabs out of the current field.

Override Read Only Style

Enter the style class name to be used when the field is read-only


"Regex" property defines the regular expression that you can specify to validate the data in the text field.






Server Validate On Change

Executes VALIDATE_ROW procedure when user makes a change to the field's value.

  • P_CHANGED_ATTRIBUTE parameter will have the name of the parameter being changed e.g. P_EMP_NAME
  • P_CHANGED_ATTRIBUTE_OLD_VALUE parameter will have the field's old value before the user made the change
  • The actual parameter e.g. P_EMP_NAME will have the new updated value 

View Attribute

Choose the view attribute to which you want this field to be bound.

Note: To know more about the Text field properties, refer Common Properties.


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