#Item Type
1 Angular Guage - This uses a radial scale to display your data range and a dial is used to indicate the data value
2 Area 2D - These charts are used to show trends and performance over a period of time
3 Attachment - This Ui component is used, when you want to upload a document or a file.
4 Bar 3D - A chart in which the data is represented as bars. 
5 Button - A Ui component that can perform some action on button click.
6 Button Group - Grouping of buttons . 
7 Calendar - A Ui component where you can create events.
8 Check Box - It is an interface which permits the user to make multiple selections from a number of options.
9 Combo Box - It is a drop-down list and a single-line textbox, allowing the user to select  a value.
10 Content Panel - The Panel contains header, footer and body sections.
11 Date Field -  It is an editable component for presenting date and time(calender) information that may be placed into a form. 
12 Date Picker
13 Email - It is a Ui Component wher Email validation can be done.
14 Field Set - 
15 Form Panel - Form Panel is an interface through which you interact with the server and get the data that you require.
16 Gantt - This is a specialized chart used for displaying various timelines like project timelines, development timelines etc. 
17 Google Map - A Ui component where the data can be plotted on the map.
18 Grid - Grid is a powerful data widget for displaying and editing large lists of related data.
19 Html - To add any html code you can do that by creating a Html item type.
20 Iframe - It is a component that is used to display a web page within a page.
21 Image - Image is a Ui component, using which you can upload images.
22 Input Slider - This element is used to provide one sliding "thumb" that can be used to adjust numeric value inputs.
23 Jquery Calendar - You can create events, edit events or delete events from the calendar.
24 Jquery Field - A normal Ui component with additional Jquery feature.
25 Jquery Grid - A normal grid with  Jquery editor.
26 Lov Field - To bind the list of values for a particular field. 
27 Line Chart - These are used to show the trends and performance over a period of time. 
27 Link - The Link token defines the relationship between a document and an external resource.
28 Menu -  It is a set of hierarchical pieces which contains menu items.
29 Multi Field - A Ui component in which you can add other item types like number field,combo box etc within that item type.
30 Number Field - A Ui component where you can enter the numbers.
31 Phone - Phone is a field that has a specific phone number format.
32 Pie 3D - A chart in which the data is represented as slices. 
32 Portal - Portal allows you to drag the widget and resize accordingly.
33 Radio Group - It is an interface that allows the user to choose only one option among multiple.
34 Reference Item - This makes you get the replica of an Item.
35 Report Menu Item 
36 Rich Text - It provide some advanced features over the standard Text Area.
37 Tab Panel - Panels are widgets which can contain other widgets as their childs and vice versa
38 Table Layout Container - A Container that lays out its children using a Layout
39 Text - Simple text that you want to display.
40 Text Area - It is a Ui component, where user can enter multiple lines of text.
41 Text Field -  A Ui component where you can enter the alpha numeric characters.
42 Tip Text - It is the help text that is displayed on DML operations of data.
43 Trigger On Tab Active -  A trigger is a procedural code that is automatically executed in response to certain events on a particular filed or widget.
45 Trigger On Record Active -  A trigger is a procedural code that is automatically executed in response to certain events on a particular filed or widget.


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