InfoCard can be used to display the summary info. Similar to a Field, InfoCard can be added inside any Container, Grid or FormPanel as shown below. InfoCard Properties PropertyDescription Bottom Text The text shown below the value. You can use Expression to set a dynamic text. Show In Metrics Check to display the value in metrics format e.g. 1K instead of 1000 Title The text shown above the value. You can use Expression to set dynamic title.
The bulb gauge is one of the simplest charts in all. It is used in a variety of applications including financial dashboards, machine controller screens etc., where a single value or state indicator is required. Bulb Gauges are used to indicate a specific dataset utilizing a circle that changes color to indicate whether the monitored data is within defined limits and if it is, then which limit it is in. The colors can be selected to suit the application such as green for satis... [Read More]
Why do I see "system is down for maintenance" message when accessing the application?"system is down for maintenance" is displayed to the user when the platform is unable to make a database connection. Please verify if the database is up and running and the username passwords used by the platform to connect both for the platform & application schema are active and working fine.Once the database is back up available, the platform will continue to work j... [Read More]
DO NOT EXECUTE THIS SCRIPT IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT THIS IS FORUse the below script with careUse the below script to cleanup and remove all the application metadata from an existing telidos instance. Replace the rollback at the end with commit before running for obvious reasons. NOTE: THIS SCRIPT WILL WIPE OUT EVERYTHING FROM AN EXISTING INSTANCE Use the Script to create a new Application after running the below script to start developing a fresh application. DELETE FROM ra_obj... [Read More]
Execute the below script to programatically create a new application in Telidos Platform for Oracle database Make sure to update db_url, username, password, sub_domain, org_name, org_code before executing the below script Bounce the web server after running the below script and click on the "DB Sync" button on the "Clear Cache" screen under the "File -> Administration" menu. SET DEFINE OFF; SELECT ra_orgs_s.NEXTVAL FROM DUAL; INSERT INTO ra_or... [Read More]
Datasource Expression can be used to access attribute values from a datasource's data.Commonly Used Syntax#{DatasourceName.attributeName}The DatasouceName above is case sensitive and the attributeName is not case sensitive. Any of the following expressions can be used to retrive the "Employee Name" attribute value from the Employee datasource#{Employee.Employee Name}#{Employee.employeeName}#{Employee. Emp loyee Na me }All the above are same as #{Employee.employeenam... [Read More]
Give your entire team the knowledge they need to design, build, and maintain your enterprise applications built on Telidos Platform. Your team can take intensive, expert-led training and for those who prefer to train at their own pace, our youtube videos & online help would come handy. Learn how to build highly scalable & modern enterprise applications that transform how your enterprise connects with employees and customers. Intensive training delivered by the creator... [Read More]
At times you may want to re-arrange a huge set of columns within a auto generated grid to match the order of the columns from that of the source table or view. Even though it's easier to do it through the designer, It might be a time consuming task to re-arrange if the number of columns are more than 20 or so and in some cases there could be 100+ columns in a grid. In those synarios, you could execute the below SQL to update the column sequence from the backend. UPDATE ra_ui_... [Read More]
Release NotesBuild # : 735 When saving a record, cursor maintains spinning wheel even after save is complete. Users must move the cursor for it change back to the arrow.
Note: Make sure there no other developers making metadata changes while the patch is being migrated. Backup the metadata schema before and after applying the patch Note: This method will only migrate the metadata changes. Any changes to the backend objects needs to be migrated manually Navigate to the Roles page in the source instance and click on the "Download Role" button to create a patch for the selected role.To download the patch, navigate to Developer -> Pa... [Read More]


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