Navigate to File -> Administration -> Cache Status pageTo clear the database connection pool, click on reset link as shown below against the Instance that needs to be cleared. The instance id is the Org ID value from ra_orgs table in the platform schema. Once cleared the Inactive connections will be intialized to 1 for the application that you are connected to.Click on the number links to clear the respective metadata objects. Note: Profiles will be re-loaded when clear... [Read More]
As you may already know, Applications built on Telidos Platform is 100% metadata driven. All the application user interface metadata is stored in the platform schema and all the application database objects & data are stored in the application schema.To move the application schema from one database to another, you need to copy or move all the database objects along with the data (if required) to the destination database. Make sure to also migrate the below platform relate... [Read More]
To change the subdomain of an application, you must update the sub_domain column in ra_orgs table of the platform metadata schema.e.g. use the below update statement to change the subdomain from 'myapp' to 'portal', which would change the URL for the application from to UPDATE ra_orgs SET sub_domain = 'portal' WHERE sub_domain = 'myapp'; Bounce the application server to clear the cache for the old subdomain Note: Once the subdomain is cha... [Read More]
Sample ObjectHandler to report all the exceptions at once during an excel import To use this, set the "Object Handler Class" at the datasource definition to "xxra.customobjects.ExcelImportBulkErrorHandler" package xxra.customobjects; import java.sql.Connection; import java.sql.ResultSet; import java.sql.SQLException; import java.sql.Statement; import java.sql.Timestamp; import java.util.Date; import java.util.List; import org.apache.commons.dbutils.DbUtils... [Read More]
Paste As Rows property for Grid This property enables pasting data from Excel Sheet to Grid. We can quickly update or insert mass data from Excel to GridSelect the Row and Column for which you want to paste data. Now go to column header and click on the icon() to see a menu. Hover on 'Paste As Rows' menu item to see a TextArea where you can paste the data (Use Ctrl+v). Data will be inserted from selected row onwards. If no row is selected then it will insert from 1st row onw... [Read More]
Use the below sample code to register a Java Snippet that could be used to generate a CSV file for user download.Step 1: Define a Java Snippet and give it a name and write similar code as displayed below. Note: make sure to change the parameter name, Datasource name etc. based on your needs.Step 2: Define a button or link and add the below ActionLink with Link Tlken as "/hs/js/<jsName>?paramName={DatasourceName.attributeName}". With this, when the user click o... [Read More]
General Naming Guidelines The following naming guidelines provide the general rules to apply when developing applications on Telidos Platform. Following this section are guidelines which detail rules for specific object types. Throughout this document there are various naming guidelines. In the following guidelines it's important to not follow them blindly if the suggested naming convention will create meaningless names. In general you should attempt to follow the Java naming... [Read More]
When a user sign-in to the Telidos Platform, the very first page presented to the user is a home page. Administrator can define a home page at role level in the Define Role screen as shown below. In the below example, users with Order Management role will see Order List page after sign-in. Typically this would be a dashboard page for the application.If a user has been assigned to multiple roles, then the home page will be derived from a role with very least sequence number. I... [Read More]
Every datasource defined in CloudIO Platform are exposed as REST web service out-of-the-box. These REST APIs (Web Services) can be used by 3rd party systems to build interfaces/integrations. Below is the flow for establishing hand-shake with CloudIO APIs./api/signin - Authenticates the user and returns a sessionId that should be used in all subsequent calls/api/DataSourceName - Fetch Data/api/DataSourceName/insert - To insert one or more rows/api/DataSourceName/update - To up... [Read More]
Introduction Clustering allows an application running on Telidos Platform to run on several parallel servers (cluster nodes). The load is distributed across different servers, and even if any of the servers fail, the application is still accessible via other cluster nodes. Clustering is crucial for scalable enterprise applications, as you can improve performance by simply adding more nodes to the cluster. Why Clustering? Clustering solutions usually provide: Scalability High... [Read More]


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