InfoCard can be used to display the summary info. Similar to a Field, InfoCard can be added inside any Container, Grid or FormPanel as shown below. InfoCard Properties PropertyDescription Bottom Text The text shown below the value. You can use Expression to set a dynamic text. Show In Metrics Check to display the value in metrics format e.g. 1K instead of 1000 Title The text shown above the value. You can use Expression to set dynamic title.
Use the following scripts as a reference while creating database schema for both Platform Metadata Schema & Application Schema Platform Metadata Schema: CREATE USER xxcloudio IDENTIFIED BY "xxcloudio" DEFAULT TABLESPACE "USERS" TEMPORARY TABLESPACE "TEMP" PROFILE DEFAULT QUOTA UNLIMITED ON "USERS"; GRANT CREATE JOB TO xxcloudio; GRANT CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW TO xxcloudio; GRANT CREATE PROCEDURE TO xxcloudio; GRANT CREATE SEQUENCE T... [Read More]
Why do I see "system is down for maintenance" message when accessing the application?"system is down for maintenance" is displayed to the user when the platform is unable to make a database connection. Please verify if the database is up and running and the username passwords used by the platform to connect both for the platform & application schema are active and working fine.Once the database is back up available, the platform will continue to work j... [Read More]
Every datasource defined in CloudIO Platform are exposed as REST web service out-of-the-box. These REST APIs (Web Services) can be used by 3rd party systems to build interfaces/integrations. Below is the flow for establishing hand-shake with CloudIO APIs./api/signin - Authenticates the user and returns a sessionId that should be used in all subsequent calls/api/DataSourceName - Fetch Data/api/DataSourceName/insert - To insert one or more rows/api/DataSourceName/update - To up... [Read More]
New to Telidos? Learn the Basics. Be up and running in just minutes with this Quick Start Tutorial and followed with some basic informative videos & articles. New Features Updates on new & exciting features, including: Reference Item Patch Management Web Look & Feel vs Desktop Look JQuery Grid Browse by Tag Jump straight into the topic you are looking for today! How Tos UI Components User Interface Server Side Advanced Topics Java Docs Browse Throu... [Read More]
Give your entire team the knowledge they need to design, build, and maintain your enterprise applications built on Telidos Platform. Your team can take intensive, expert-led training and for those who prefer to train at their own pace, our youtube videos & online help would come handy. Learn how to build highly scalable & modern enterprise applications that transform how your enterprise connects with employees and customers. Intensive training delivered by the creator... [Read More]
The following methods are available in "db" object that's available in Pre-Query, Post-Query, Server Side Validation Scripts, Object Handlers etc. List<RPCModelData> assignRoles(String userName, String[] roleCodes)This method can be used to assign roles to a user. You can use this method to assign multiple roles by passing role codes. String userName = db.getSessionValue("username");List<RPCModelData> userRolesList = db.assignRoles(userName... [Read More]
How to generate a new page? There are two ways to create a page using the platform.1) By Generating the Screen using Generate Screen form Table/View .2) By manually going to the define pages and creating it by specifying the details. Steps to Generate a New Page? Step 1: First you need to create a table in your database (Oracle/Mysql). Example:CREATE TABLE OE_ORDER_HEADERS_ALL ( ORDER_ID NUMBER(10,0) NOT NULL ENABLE, SALES_REP VARCHAR2(100 BYTE) NOT NULL ENABLE, PRICING_DAT... [Read More]
What is Reference Item It is an Item that you specify in any part of the application as Reference Item. This makes you get the replica of an Item. Why you need Reference Item It helps you reduce the repeated work that you need to do. Where to use Reference item You can use the Reference item where you feel the repeated work can be reduced. Reference Popup: Now consider two pages i.e Page1 and Page2 in an application. In Page1 create a popup either as a child item to Lin... [Read More]
What is an Expression? An expression can consists of arithmetic expression, property expression, query expression and logical expressions. E.g. 12 + 3 * 4 / 5 = 14, or #{principle} * #{rate} * 100 / #{time} where principle, rate and time are the identifiers, or #{} where person is the identifier which points to data source object of Person and city is the property of person. When do I use it? You can use expressions to build Conditions and formulae. Where an ex... [Read More]


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