Note: Make sure there no other developers making metadata changes while the patch is being migrated. Backup the metadata schema before and after applying the patch
Note: This method will only migrate the metadata changes. Any changes to the backend objects needs to be migrated manually
Navigate to the Roles page in the source instance and click on the "Download Role" button to create a patch for the selected role.

To download the patch, navigate to Developer -> Patch Management. Once the patch is processed, there will be a link to download the patch as shown below. Click on the "Download Patch" link, respective to the role that you are trying to migrate, to download the patch file in a zip format.

Navigate to the Patch Management page of the target instance and upload the patch by clicking the "Upload New Patch" button

Once the patch is uploaded click on the status links "Check Compatability" to start the checks.

Refresh the grid in few seconds to see the status change to "Process". 

Then click "Process" and wait for few seconds to few minutes depending on the patch size. You can use the "View log" to monitor the status of processing. 

Once done the status will change to "View Changes" if everything is sucessful.

Click on the "View Changes" link to navigate to the "Patch Details" screen and review the changes being migrated by your patch. The below screen shot shows nothing as I'm trying to upload to the same instance. Optionally ignore the changes that you don't want to migrate (Make sure you know what you are doing as this could cause some dependency issues).

Once reviewed, click on "Deploy" to actually deploy the metadata changes to the target instance.

Note: You must now manually migrate all the changes to the backend database objects and bounce the web server


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