Use the following scripts as a reference while creating database schema for both Platform Metadata Schema & Application Schema Platform Metadata Schema: CREATE USER xxcloudio IDENTIFIED BY "xxcloudio" DEFAULT TABLESPACE "USERS" TEMPORARY TABLESPACE "TEMP" PROFILE DEFAULT QUOTA UNLIMITED ON "USERS"; GRANT CREATE JOB TO xxcloudio; GRANT CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW TO xxcloudio; GRANT CREATE PROCEDURE TO xxcloudio; GRANT CREATE SEQUENCE T... [Read More]
Why do I see "system is down for maintenance" message when accessing the application?"system is down for maintenance" is displayed to the user when the platform is unable to make a database connection. Please verify if the database is up and running and the username passwords used by the platform to connect both for the platform & application schema are active and working fine.Once the database is back up available, the platform will continue to work j... [Read More]
DO NOT EXECUTE THIS SCRIPT IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT THIS IS FORUse the below script with careUse the below script to cleanup and remove all the application metadata from an existing telidos instance. Replace the rollback at the end with commit before running for obvious reasons. NOTE: THIS SCRIPT WILL WIPE OUT EVERYTHING FROM AN EXISTING INSTANCE Use the Script to create a new Application after running the below script to start developing a fresh application. DELETE FROM ra_obj... [Read More]
Execute the below script to programatically create a new application in Telidos Platform for Oracle database Make sure to update db_url, username, password, sub_domain, org_name, org_code before executing the below script Bounce the web server after running the below script and click on the "DB Sync" button on the "Clear Cache" screen under the "File -> Administration" menu. SET DEFINE OFF; SELECT ra_orgs_s.NEXTVAL FROM DUAL; INSERT INTO ra_or... [Read More]
Navigate to File -> Administration -> Cache Status pageTo clear the database connection pool, click on reset link as shown below against the Instance that needs to be cleared. The instance id is the Org ID value from ra_orgs table in the platform schema. Once cleared the Inactive connections will be intialized to 1 for the application that you are connected to.Click on the number links to clear the respective metadata objects. Note: Profiles will be re-loaded when clear... [Read More]
As you may already know, Applications built on Telidos Platform is 100% metadata driven. All the application user interface metadata is stored in the platform schema and all the application database objects & data are stored in the application schema.To move the application schema from one database to another, you need to copy or move all the database objects along with the data (if required) to the destination database. Make sure to also migrate the below platform relate... [Read More]
Introduction Clustering allows an application running on Telidos Platform to run on several parallel servers (cluster nodes). The load is distributed across different servers, and even if any of the servers fail, the application is still accessible via other cluster nodes. Clustering is crucial for scalable enterprise applications, as you can improve performance by simply adding more nodes to the cluster. Why Clustering? Clustering solutions usually provide: Scalability High... [Read More]
Note: Make sure there no other developers making metadata changes while the patch is being migrated. Backup the metadata schema before and after applying the patch Note: This method will only migrate the metadata changes. Any changes to the backend objects needs to be migrated manually Navigate to the Roles page in the source instance and click on the "Download Role" button to create a patch for the selected role.To download the patch, navigate to Developer -> Pa... [Read More]
To change the subdomain of an application, you must update the sub_domain column in ra_orgs table of the platform metadata schema.e.g. use the below update statement to change the subdomain from 'myapp' to 'portal', which would change the URL for the application from to UPDATE ra_orgs SET sub_domain = 'portal' WHERE sub_domain = 'myapp'; Bounce the application server to clear the cache for the old subdomain Note: Once the subdomain is cha... [Read More]
To install the Telidos Platform, below are the pre-requisites: Operating System: Linux, Windows Java: J2SE 6.0 (JDK Version 1.6.0) Webserver: Tomcat 6.0 and above Database Server: Oracle is mandatory for platform schema. Any other Database server like MySQL, MS SQL Server or Oracle can be used for Application Schema. You need to execute the following scripts to create a Platform Schema and an Application Schema. Create user <Platform schema name> identified by <... [Read More]


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