The following methods are available in "db" object that's available in Pre-Query, Post-Query, Server Side Validation Scripts, Object Handlers etc. List<RPCModelData> assignRoles(String userName, String[] roleCodes)This method can be used to assign roles to a user. You can use this method to assign multiple roles by passing role codes. String userName = db.getSessionValue("username");List<RPCModelData> userRolesList = db.assignRoles(userName... [Read More]
What is Reference Item It is an Item that you specify in any part of the application as Reference Item. This makes you get the replica of an Item. Why you need Reference Item It helps you reduce the repeated work that you need to do. Where to use Reference item You can use the Reference item where you feel the repeated work can be reduced. Reference Popup: Now consider two pages i.e Page1 and Page2 in an application. In Page1 create a popup either as a child item to Lin... [Read More]
DO NOT EXECUTE THIS SCRIPT IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT THIS IS FORUse the below script with careUse the below script to cleanup and remove all the application metadata from an existing telidos instance. Replace the rollback at the end with commit before running for obvious reasons. NOTE: THIS SCRIPT WILL WIPE OUT EVERYTHING FROM AN EXISTING INSTANCE Use the Script to create a new Application after running the below script to start developing a fresh application. DELETE FROM ra_obj... [Read More]
Execute the below script to programatically create a new application in Telidos Platform for Oracle database Make sure to update db_url, username, password, sub_domain, org_name, org_code before executing the below script Bounce the web server after running the below script and click on the "DB Sync" button on the "Clear Cache" screen under the "File -> Administration" menu. SET DEFINE OFF; SELECT ra_orgs_s.NEXTVAL FROM DUAL; INSERT INTO ra_or... [Read More]
What is a Pre Query? Pre Query Script lets you to specify any custom search clause that would get appended to the default search criteria generated by the platform. You can manipulate the whereClause that gets used during search. Pre Query script can be defined for Datasource When do we use it? When your application requires to implement custom search, you can write Pre Query Script on the Datasource. The platform invokes the Pre query script to perform search and return the ... [Read More]
What is Post Query? Post Query Script lets you to alter the data being fetched from the database, before it's presented to the User on the browser. You can choose between Java and/or PL/SQL to do the data manipulation. Java Example Let's say you have an attribute "Status" that contains values I for Inactive & A for Active. But on the UI instead of display I or A, we want to display "Inactive" or "Active". Though you can achive this by definin... [Read More]
What is Server Side Validation Scripts? Server Side Validation Scripting allows Telidos Application Developers to write custom validation code on any Data Source using Java. Unlike traditional Java development, you don't have to do a compile & run. Any changes to these scripts will be picked up by the platform at runtime without the need for an application server bounce. Standard Java Syntax You can use normal Java statements and expressions. Statements and expressions a... [Read More]
com.rapapp.platform.server.script.DateUtils Method Summary Date clearTime(Date date)Returns the given date with the time values cleared. Date getEnd(Date date)Returns the given date with time set to the end of the day Date getStart(Date date)Returns the given date with the time set to the start of the day. boolean hasTime(Date date)Determines whether or not a date has any time values. boolean isAfterDay(Calendar cal1, Calendar cal2)Checks if the first calendar date... [Read More]
Navigate to File -> Administration -> Cache Status pageTo clear the database connection pool, click on reset link as shown below against the Instance that needs to be cleared. The instance id is the Org ID value from ra_orgs table in the platform schema. Once cleared the Inactive connections will be intialized to 1 for the application that you are connected to.Click on the number links to clear the respective metadata objects. Note: Profiles will be re-loaded when clear... [Read More]
As you may already know, Applications built on Telidos Platform is 100% metadata driven. All the application user interface metadata is stored in the platform schema and all the application database objects & data are stored in the application schema.To move the application schema from one database to another, you need to copy or move all the database objects along with the data (if required) to the destination database. Make sure to also migrate the below platform relate... [Read More]


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