What is an Expression? An expression can consists of arithmetic expression, property expression, query expression and logical expressions. E.g. 12 + 3 * 4 / 5 = 14, or #{principle} * #{rate} * 100 / #{time} where principle, rate and time are the identifiers, or #{Person.city} where person is the identifier which points to data source object of Person and city is the property of person. When do I use it? You can use expressions to build Conditions and formulae. Where an ex... [Read More]
What is a Condition? A Condition is an expression that should evaluate to either true or false When do we use it? Conditions are used wherever an action is to be performed. Where it is used? All Button ActionsUI RulesDataSource Actions Syntax AND #{person.name} == 'srikanth' && #{person.age} == '29' OR true || false EQUALS #{person.city} == 'Hyderabad' NOT #{person.name} !='David' TERNARY a == b ? x : y GREATER THAN a > b
HandleContext is a custom object provided by the Telidos platform available for usage with Object Handlers xxra.customobjects Class HandlerContext java.lang.Objectxxra.customobjects.HandlerContextConstructor Summary HandlerContext() Method Summary String getClientTimeZoneID() String getDisplayName() String getEmailAddress() String getIpAddress() Double getPageId() ScriptUtil getScriptUtil() String getSubDomain() Double getUserId() String getUserNa... [Read More]
What is Patch management ? Patch Management is a tool. It alleviates the process of porting application changes from one instance to other as the tool enables developers to track all changes made by a developer under a change request and allows him to download the changes as a patch file.It is a most reliable tool. To use Patch management you nedd to follow the following. 1. A developer should create a change request using the Change Request screen provided by the platform. ... [Read More]
What is inline creation in LOV? It allows the user to add new values to the LOV on the fly. What's big deal about it? Basically LOV allows you to choose value(s) from a List. If a particular value is not available then you need to use another screen to add the value and then come back to choose it. Inline Creation ability allows the user to add the new value and choose it. The newly added value is automatically inserted into the corresponding datasource. When do we us... [Read More]
What is a Custom Search Panel? Custom Search Panel is also a type of search where you can define your own customized search area. You can define your search panel for any grid according to your requirement. When do we use it? Custom Search Panel is used when your search criteria differs with the Default search provided by platform. If you want to query multiple data sources and display data in a grid, you can use a custom search panel where the search criteria includes ... [Read More]


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