How to generate a new page? There are two ways to create a page using the platform.1) By Generating the Screen using Generate Screen form Table/View .2) By manually going to the define pages and creating it by specifying the details. Steps to Generate a New Page? Step 1: First you need to create a table in your database (Oracle/Mysql). Example:CREATE TABLE OE_ORDER_HEADERS_ALL ( ORDER_ID NUMBER(10,0) NOT NULL ENABLE, SALES_REP VARCHAR2(100 BYTE) NOT NULL ENABLE, PRICING_DAT... [Read More]
What is a Master-detail Screen A master-detail application allows you to view data from related tables at the same time. The records from a master table can be viewed along with related records from the detail table. Pre-requisites for creating a Master –Details Screen. You need to have two tables i.e two datasources need to be generated. 1) Master Table with primary key specified.2) Child table with Foreign Key (Pk of Master Table) specified. Goto Navigation → Developer → ... [Read More]
Steps to create a page manually: There are two ways to create a page using the platform.1) By Generating the Screen using Generate Screen from Table/View property.2) Creating the page by specifying the necessary details in "Define Pages" screen. How to Create a Page Manually: Go to Navigation → Developer → Define Pages Click on Define Pages and it will take you to the Define Pages screen. Click on New button which is on the define pages grid and a new row will b... [Read More]
Datasource Expression can be used to access attribute values from a datasource's data.Commonly Used Syntax#{DatasourceName.attributeName}The DatasouceName above is case sensitive and the attributeName is not case sensitive. Any of the following expressions can be used to retrive the "Employee Name" attribute value from the Employee datasource#{Employee.Employee Name}#{Employee.employeeName}#{Employee. Emp loyee Na me }All the above are same as #{Employee.employeenam... [Read More]
Common Properties of the UI Components Properties Description Allow Blank Specifies if a field can be left blank. Uncheck for mandatory/required fields. Border It draws a border around the component. You may want to uncheck this property most of the time, especially when you have nested layouts to avoid too many border lines around the layout contains. Body Border It provides an interior border on the body element of the panel. Most likely this would be checked for a... [Read More]
Trigger On Change Trigger On UserChange Trigger On Focus Trigger On Blur Trigger On Accordion Active ... Trigger On Tab Active Trigger On Record Active Trigger On Befor Commit Trigger On Before PopupClose Trigger On Before Search Trigger On Check Trigger On Click Trigger On Commit Trigger On Data Change Trigger On MouseOver Trigger On MouseOut Trigger On PageInit Trigger On RecordCreate Trigger On Uncheck What is a Trigger?We can perform any action on a specific events... [Read More]
What is a java Script Chart? They are charts that are made inside the browser with Java script. Their audience are large with the majority of browsers supporting the necessary parts of HTML5 (eg HTML5 canvas) and because they are created in the browser they both are quick and small. The Java script libraries can be both minified and compressed to reduce their size. How does JavaScript charts work with Rapapp platform? Now go to customize page of any page and now select the to... [Read More]
What is a Datasource? A Datasource is a metadata definition of a Database Table or a View. A Datasource could be used ot store your application data. You can also create reports and dashboards based on the Datasource. You can also define ComboBox or List of Values to pull the data from a Datasource. Designing a Datasource As a first step, we recommend designing your overall approach. By gathering requirements and making key design decisions up front, you will be able to imple... [Read More]
What is a Menu?A menu bar is a set of hierarchical pieces which contains menu items.What is the Use Of Menu?Menus let your site visitors navigate directly to URLs on your site. Organizing and placing menus well can help direct your users to the parts of your site you consider most important. How To Configure a Menu?If you want to add a menu on the Content Panel Header or in Layout container, you need to go to the customize page and add the Menu(item types) as child to either ... [Read More]
A Container that lays out its children using a Layout. Layouts are responsible for connecting the child components to the container. Layouts are very flexible as they can create any internal element structure, inserting its child components at any location. For example, a TableLayout lays out its children using HTML tables.This TableLayout container makes the child items to be alligned in tabular format. Many layouts support layout data which are configurable objects that pro... [Read More]


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