Tree Grid What is a Tree Grid ? A Tree Grid is a hierarchal representation of data flow. How to Create a Tree Grid ? To Create a Tree Grid, you need to have a data source in which you need to define parent attribute, child attribute, leaf attribute, and icon attribute. The leaf attribute is a calculated column and here is how you need to specify that in the data source. How is Tree Grid configured? Assuming that you have already populated the data in the grid as above fo... [Read More]
What is Documentation Mode?This documentation mode enables you to write notes on any item in your application.To enable the Documentation Mode,Go to File → Preference Now in that you enable the documentation mode. Click on submit.Once you are done with this, right click on any widget to add notes.Example:
Roles can be defined in the platform that automatically manage access to data. When role based permissions are defined, users will have the ability to access applications at a single place. The ability to manage roles, users and permissions is restricted to users with Administrative Role. Users can be members of multiple Roles. Each role is associated with a set of Pages and Objects (Datasource). For each role you can define combination of permissions on each object like In... [Read More]
What is Profile Management? Profiles are collection of related user configurations. How will Profile Management Help You? The Profile Management allows you to create and manage profiles. The actions that you perform while managing a user profile are determined by the authorization policies defined for "Self Service User Management". Here all the configurations are controlled by Profile configuration setup. Here in the Rapapp platform Profiles are managed at four s... [Read More]
Html Item Type: If you want to add any html code you can do that by creating a Html item type. You can even add the dynamic values through the html code. Note: The text that is displayed using Html is read only. Index
How to hide the sections of the application? To hide the sections of the application like show header, show Breadcrumbs, show footer, you need to go to Navigation >> Administration >> Setup Now click on Setup . Here select the General tab and in that you have the above options like show header,show footer and show Breadcrumbs . You can enable or disable these options based on your requirement.


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