How to generate a new page? There are two ways to create a page using the platform.1) By Generating the Screen using Generate Screen form Table/View .2) By manually going to the define pages and creating it by specifying the details. Steps to Generate a New Page? Step 1: First you need to create a table in your database (Oracle/Mysql). Example:CREATE TABLE OE_ORDER_HEADERS_ALL ( ORDER_ID NUMBER(10,0) NOT NULL ENABLE, SALES_REP VARCHAR2(100 BYTE) NOT NULL ENABLE, PRICING_DAT... [Read More]
What is Reference Item It is an Item that you specify in any part of the application as Reference Item. This makes you get the replica of an Item. Why you need Reference Item It helps you reduce the repeated work that you need to do. Where to use Reference item You can use the Reference item where you feel the repeated work can be reduced. Reference Popup: Now consider two pages i.e Page1 and Page2 in an application. In Page1 create a popup either as a child item to Lin... [Read More]
What is a Master-detail Screen A master-detail application allows you to view data from related tables at the same time. The records from a master table can be viewed along with related records from the detail table. Pre-requisites for creating a Master –Details Screen. You need to have two tables i.e two datasources need to be generated. 1) Master Table with primary key specified.2) Child table with Foreign Key (Pk of Master Table) specified. Goto Navigation → Developer → ... [Read More]
Steps to create a page manually: There are two ways to create a page using the platform.1) By Generating the Screen using Generate Screen from Table/View property.2) Creating the page by specifying the necessary details in "Define Pages" screen. How to Create a Page Manually: Go to Navigation → Developer → Define Pages Click on Define Pages and it will take you to the Define Pages screen. Click on New button which is on the define pages grid and a new row will b... [Read More]
Attachment UI component lets users upload files. It presents the users with a file upload component to Attach FilesProperties: Show Commit Message: When a file is attached, its uploaded to the server and commits any other changes by default, if you just want to upload the file but dont commit the changes then turn off this property. To know more about Attachment, refer the Common Properties Index
Image Uploader: It is a feature which the rapapp platform provides. You can upload your own images and use those in the applications. Steps To Upload Images. Step1: Go to Navigation → Developer → View/Upload Images. Click on View/Upload Images. It will take you to the Uploader page. Now click on the Upload New Image icon. Then a popup arises where you have to click on Add images. Now browse the image and click on start upload. The image will be uploaded. If you want to de... [Read More]
Trigger On Change Trigger On UserChange Trigger On Focus Trigger On Blur Trigger On Accordion Active ... Trigger On Tab Active Trigger On Record Active Trigger On Befor Commit Trigger On Before PopupClose Trigger On Before Search Trigger On Check Trigger On Click Trigger On Commit Trigger On Data Change Trigger On MouseOver Trigger On MouseOut Trigger On PageInit Trigger On RecordCreate Trigger On Uncheck What is a Trigger?We can perform any action on a specific events... [Read More]
Paste As Rows property for Grid This property enables pasting data from Excel Sheet to Grid. We can quickly update or insert mass data from Excel to GridSelect the Row and Column for which you want to paste data. Now go to column header and click on the icon() to see a menu. Hover on 'Paste As Rows' menu item to see a TextArea where you can paste the data (Use Ctrl+v). Data will be inserted from selected row onwards. If no row is selected then it will insert from 1st row onw... [Read More]
What is a java Script Chart? They are charts that are made inside the browser with Java script. Their audience are large with the majority of browsers supporting the necessary parts of HTML5 (eg HTML5 canvas) and because they are created in the browser they both are quick and small. The Java script libraries can be both minified and compressed to reduce their size. How does JavaScript charts work with Rapapp platform? Now go to customize page of any page and now select the to... [Read More]
What is Debug/Logs ? Debug logs is a mechanism that records database operations, system processes, and errors that occur when executing a transaction or while running unit tests. What is Debug/Logs according to Rapapp platform Usually when you execute a pre query script, post query script or server side validation script there could be some value which you need to check for or test, then you can use this debug log. Syntax : db.log("Final Percent"+finalcomplete*100)... [Read More]


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