If you require an attachment to be stored as part of your table, then create a column with data type as Decimal. Navigate to the datasource definition screen of that datasource to sync it with new changes made to the table if you already created a datasource for that table or create a new Datasource. As the Attachment field in the table is specified as decimal, when the datasource is synced or created - all the datasource attributes are synced with same data type as in table... [Read More]
What is LOVField? One can bind the list of values for a particular field in the page by using LOVField i.e., if you want to show the list of object values/database column values where user can choose. LOVField is extension of ComboBox, where user can traverse the list of values. LOVField looks like. When Lov field is clicked, it will display a popup with the field list. Select a project name from the list and click on select. Different ways of configuring the Lov 1) B... [Read More]
Action Check Condition Action Hide Action Show ... Action Set Heading Action Set Height Action Invoke Popup Action Clear Datasource Action Collapsed Action Copy Action Duplicate Action Goto Record Action HIdeShow Column Action Insert Action Invoke Datasource Refrence Item Switch Action Action Refresh Action Query Action Set Insert Allowed ... Action Set Record Status Action Set Required Action Set Update Allowed Action Set Window Title Action Show Help Action Show Info ... [Read More]
When to change Grid Style Grid Cell style can be changed to indicate something significant to the user like a cell with certain value can be indicated in one color etc. How to Change Go to Global CSS. Specify the custom style classes here. Save the changes. Now goto the page. Customize Page on which the Grid style has to be modified. Select the Grid column on which the style needs to be applied. Use the 'Style Class' attribute in the Property Pallet at the b... [Read More]
What is an email action? It is an operation where user can configure email sending option on each row insert/update of data source object. How to configure an email action? To set up email action, you need to select Navigation→ Rapapp Administration → Datasource Objects Select a data source object for which you want to specify the email settings. Click on the data source name and it will take you to that data sources details page. Go to the Actions Tab and click on ... [Read More]
If you want to invoke a Procedure on button click, then go to Customize page. Select the button and click on new Then from the property pallet select the item type as "ActionInvokeDatasource" and specify the datasource that you want to work on. When Action Invoke Data Source is performed it checks if there are any unsaved fields in the page. So If you check 'Ignore Dirty' property then it ignores the unsaved changes in the page and performs the Action Inv... [Read More]
What is inline editing in LOV? Inline editing in LOV is an additional feature that platform provides. What's big deal about it? Inline Editing of LOV provides you the ability to update the existing data in the datasource object. When do we use it? When you want to edit the data on the fly. Steps to implement inline editing feature in LOV Goto Customize Page Select the Lov Field which is already existing in Page Layout.Click New icon on the top left corner to add... [Read More]
Area charts are used to show trends and performance over a period of time. For example, if you want to see how many states are there in each country, then these charts can help you understand the overall trend. This is how the Area 2D looks like when you specify only the data source, key attribute, Label Attribute and view attribute. These are the few list of properties that Area 2D will consist of. 1) Alternate H Grid Color: 2) Show Alternate H Grid Color: This applies t... [Read More]
Angular gauge is like the speedometer of your car. They use a radial scale to display your data range and a dial is used to indicate the data value. An angular/meter/dial gauge chart is used to display a specific dataset utilizing an indicator that moves within a circular range to indicate whether the monitored data is within defined limits. They are also used to display Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), progress indicators and quantity indicators. This is how the Angular ... [Read More]
How to save a Search The platform provides the ability to save your searched data. You can search the data either by using the Simple Search ,Advanced Search or Customized Search . First you need to serach that data based on some column. Then you can save it by clicking on the Save Search button. Then a popupbox will appear where you need to enter the Search Name and Access specification. Once it is done, click on Ok and the search is saved with the Search N... [Read More]


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