The following methods are available in "db" object that's available in Pre-Query, Post-Query, Server Side Validation Scripts, Object Handlers etc. List<RPCModelData> assignRoles(String userName, String[] roleCodes)This method can be used to assign roles to a user. You can use this method to assign multiple roles by passing role codes. String userName = db.getSessionValue("username");List<RPCModelData> userRolesList = db.assignRoles(userName... [Read More]
com.rapapp.platform.server.script.DateUtils Method Summary Date clearTime(Date date)Returns the given date with the time values cleared. Date getEnd(Date date)Returns the given date with time set to the end of the day Date getStart(Date date)Returns the given date with the time set to the start of the day. boolean hasTime(Date date)Determines whether or not a date has any time values. boolean isAfterDay(Calendar cal1, Calendar cal2)Checks if the first calendar date... [Read More]
HandleContext is a custom object provided by the Telidos platform available for usage with Object Handlers xxra.customobjects Class HandlerContext java.lang.Objectxxra.customobjects.HandlerContextConstructor Summary HandlerContext() Method Summary String getClientTimeZoneID() String getDisplayName() String getEmailAddress() String getIpAddress() Double getPageId() ScriptUtil getScriptUtil() String getSubDomain() Double getUserId() String getUserNa... [Read More]
com.rapapp.platform.client.mdata.RPCModelData Class RPCModelData Nested Class Summary static class RPCModelData.Status Field Summary Fields inherited from interface Add, Remove, Update Method Summary boolean containsKey(java.lang.String key) java.lang.Object get(java.lang.String property) java.lang.String getDataSource() java.util.Date getDate(java.lang.String property) RPCModelData ... [Read More]


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