Use the following scripts as a reference while creating database schema for both Platform Metadata Schema & Application Schema Platform Metadata Schema: CREATE USER xxcloudio IDENTIFIED BY "xxcloudio" DEFAULT TABLESPACE "USERS" TEMPORARY TABLESPACE "TEMP" PROFILE DEFAULT QUOTA UNLIMITED ON "USERS"; GRANT CREATE JOB TO xxcloudio; GRANT CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW TO xxcloudio; GRANT CREATE PROCEDURE TO xxcloudio; GRANT CREATE SEQUENCE T... [Read More]
The following methods are available in "db" object that's available in Pre-Query, Post-Query, Server Side Validation Scripts, Object Handlers etc. List<RPCModelData> assignRoles(String userName, String[] roleCodes)This method can be used to assign roles to a user. You can use this method to assign multiple roles by passing role codes. String userName = db.getSessionValue("username");List<RPCModelData> userRolesList = db.assignRoles(userName... [Read More]
What is an Object? An Object or DataSource is the metadata definition of a Database Table or View or a PL/SQL Package. All the DML statements are generated using the Object metadata. Objects are bound to the UI Controls like Grid, Panels, Charts, Calendar, Maps etc. How to Query an Object Definition? Navigation →Developer →Data Source List. Search for the Object on the Object Search region. How to create a new Object Definition? First enter the table name, then ... [Read More]
What is a Pre Query? Pre Query Script lets you to specify any custom search clause that would get appended to the default search criteria generated by the platform. You can manipulate the whereClause that gets used during search. Pre Query script can be defined for Datasource When do we use it? When your application requires to implement custom search, you can write Pre Query Script on the Datasource. The platform invokes the Pre query script to perform search and return the ... [Read More]
What is Post Query? Post Query Script lets you to alter the data being fetched from the database, before it's presented to the User on the browser. You can choose between Java and/or PL/SQL to do the data manipulation. Java Example Let's say you have an attribute "Status" that contains values I for Inactive & A for Active. But on the UI instead of display I or A, we want to display "Inactive" or "Active". Though you can achive this by definin... [Read More]
What is Server Side Validation Scripts? Server Side Validation Scripting allows Telidos Application Developers to write custom validation code on any Data Source using Java. Unlike traditional Java development, you don't have to do a compile & run. Any changes to these scripts will be picked up by the platform at runtime without the need for an application server bounce. Standard Java Syntax You can use normal Java statements and expressions. Statements and expressions a... [Read More]
com.rapapp.platform.server.script.DateUtils Method Summary Date clearTime(Date date)Returns the given date with the time values cleared. Date getEnd(Date date)Returns the given date with time set to the end of the day Date getStart(Date date)Returns the given date with the time set to the start of the day. boolean hasTime(Date date)Determines whether or not a date has any time values. boolean isAfterDay(Calendar cal1, Calendar cal2)Checks if the first calendar date... [Read More]
Sample ObjectHandler to report all the exceptions at once during an excel import To use this, set the "Object Handler Class" at the datasource definition to "xxra.customobjects.ExcelImportBulkErrorHandler" package xxra.customobjects; import java.sql.Connection; import java.sql.ResultSet; import java.sql.SQLException; import java.sql.Statement; import java.sql.Timestamp; import java.util.Date; import java.util.List; import org.apache.commons.dbutils.DbUtils... [Read More]
What is Auto Sequence? Auto Sequence is the ability to use the Oracle Database Sequence by the DataSource. With this feature, one can use Standard Oracle Database sequence for a primary key attribute. When to use it? You can use this feature, when you have a primary key attribute that you would like to populate using a sequence. This is tipically used for non-API backed datasource where the Platform manages the DMLs. This is also very usefull if you use other databases, ot... [Read More]
What is a Datasource? A Datasource is a metadata definition of a Database Table or a View. A Datasource could be used ot store your application data. You can also create reports and dashboards based on the Datasource. You can also define ComboBox or List of Values to pull the data from a Datasource. Designing a Datasource As a first step, we recommend designing your overall approach. By gathering requirements and making key design decisions up front, you will be able to imple... [Read More]


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