InfoCard can be used to display the summary info. Similar to a Field, InfoCard can be added inside any Container, Grid or FormPanel as shown below. InfoCard Properties PropertyDescription Bottom Text The text shown below the value. You can use Expression to set a dynamic text. Show In Metrics Check to display the value in metrics format e.g. 1K instead of 1000 Title The text shown above the value. You can use Expression to set dynamic title.
Common Properties of the UI Components Properties Description Allow Blank Specifies if a field can be left blank. Uncheck for mandatory/required fields. Border It draws a border around the component. You may want to uncheck this property most of the time, especially when you have nested layouts to avoid too many border lines around the layout contains. Body Border It provides an interior border on the body element of the panel. Most likely this would be checked for a... [Read More]
#Item Type 1 Angular Guage - This uses a radial scale to display your data range and a dial is used to indicate the data value 2 Area 2D - These charts are used to show trends and performance over a period of time 3 Attachment - This Ui component is used, when you want to upload a document or a file. 4 Bar 3D - A chart in which the data is represented as bars. 5 Button - A Ui component that can perform some action on button click. 6 Button Group - Grouping of bu... [Read More]
TextField is an UI Component Properties Auto Tab Commit On Change Default Value Empty Text Format ... Formula Help Text Next Item Id To Focus Override Read Only Style Regex Server Validate On Change View Attribute Properties Auto Tab Automatically tabs out to the next navigable item when the entered value reaches the max length defined.Commit On ChangePerforms a database post as soon as the value is changed by the user and tabbed out. Default Value Defines the de... [Read More]
What is inline editing in LOV? Inline editing in LOV is an additional feature that platform provides. What's big deal about it? Inline Editing of LOV provides you the ability to update the existing data in the datasource object. When do we use it? When you want to edit the data on the fly. Steps to implement inline editing feature in LOV Goto Customize Page Select the Lov Field which is already existing in Page Layout.Click New icon on the top left corner to add... [Read More]
Create a fieldset container as child to layout container. Specify the data source and create child items inside the Field set. This is how the field set looks like. Field Set has got few specific properties. 1) Checkbox Name: Title For the check Box 2) Checkbox Toggle: If this property is enabled, then on check and uncheck of the property, the field set toggles. To know more about the field set properties, refer Field Set and to know the properties related to field set ... [Read More]
Select the item type as Image form the property pallet.These are the properties that are associated to an image. 1) Alt Text: Alternate Text for the image.2) Title: Title can be specified to an image.3) Url: You can specify the url to the image.4) View Attribute: Attribute associated to an image can also be specified.One can specify either the Url or View Attribute to the image. To know more about the Image properties, refer Common Properties. Index
A Container that lays out its children using a Layout. Layouts are responsible for connecting the child components to the container. Layouts are very flexible as they can create any internal element structure, inserting its child components at any location. For example, a TableLayout lays out its children using HTML tables.This TableLayout container makes the child items to be alligned in tabular format. Many layouts support layout data which are configurable objects that pro... [Read More]
Note: Please refer to TextField for details on other properties that are not listed below Format Specify the number format to be used to display the value. Refer to GWT's NumberFormat for more information. Formula Specify the expression to be used to derive the value for this field. e.g. #{Unit Price} * #{Quantity} Column Summary Formula Specify the formula (expression) to be used for the summary text. e.g. 'Total Salary: ' + sum(#{EmpDataSource.salary}) Show Summary W... [Read More]
Jquery Calendar is a component . You can create events, edit events or delete events from the calendar. Note: You can create multiple events at a time. You can sync the calendar with the google calendar. You can edit or delete the data from the calendar. These are the list of properties that are associated to the Jquery Calendar. 1) Display Attribute: Specify the Attribute that need to be displayed on the Calendar.2) Start Date Attribute: Defines the start date of the eve... [Read More]


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