Form Panel is an interface through which you interact with the server and get the data that you require. Form panel can be a child to Content Panel, Layout Container or Field Set. This is how the form panel looks like. To know more about the Form Panel and its properties, refer Panels Index
A Page is the root level UI Component. Allow Export This property controls the Excel Export behavior at a page level. Check this property to enable Excel Export feature for any of the Grid within the page. Allow Import This property controls the Excel Import behavior at a page level. Check this property to enable Excel Import feature for any of the Grid within the page. Icon Choose from the list of 800+ icons. The specified Icon will be used for the Navigation Menu, Rece... [Read More]
Jquery grid is also a type of grid. In Jquery grid, you can write the Java Script and Jquery. So when you preview the page, the Jquery gets executed and the out put is shown. To know more about the properties of the Jquery grid, refer Grid properties Index
A chart is a graphical representation of data, in which the data is represented by symbols, such as bars in a bar chart, lines in a line chart, or slices in a pie chart. Using Pie 3D you can show the summary data as sectors. This is how the pie chart looks like. Specific properties that are associated to Pie Chart are. Properties Initial Sliced It is key attribute that you would want the sector to be sliced initially. Max Pies To define the maximum number of sectors... [Read More]
Common Properties of Charts Alternate H Grid Color Specify the Color and that color will be applied to the alternate rows in the chart grid. To make this visible enable Show Alternate Grid Color property. Animation This provides you an illusion in the way the chart gets rendered. Auto Query By enabling this property, the complete data that is associated to the Chart i.e.. the data source associated to this chart is queried from Database and plotted. Bg Color This def... [Read More]
Google Maps is a web mapping service application and technology. This google maps is provided as part of the platform. If you want to plot the data on the map then you need to specify the following fields in the Google Map item type. Properties of Maps Data Source Specify the data source that is associated to this map. Latitude Attribute Specify the latitude column corresponding to your table. Longitude Attribute Specify the longitude column corresponding to your ta... [Read More]
ContentPanel is a component container that has specific functionality and structural components that make it the perfect building block for application-oriented user interfaces. The Panel contains header, footer and body sections. It also provides built-in expandable and collapsible behaviour, along with a variety of pre-built tool buttons that can be wired up, to provide other customized behavior. You can specify a header on the content panel. You can also enable the refres... [Read More]
Line charts are used to show the trends and performance over a period of time. These charts can help you understand the overall trend without going into the individual values themselves. These are some of the properties that are associated to the line chart. 1) Line Color: The specified color will be applied to the line in the line graph. 2) Show Alternate H Grid Color: If this property is enabled, then the color to the alternate strips in the graph will be applied. ... [Read More]
Jquery is also a normal field with additional Jquery feature. You can write custom java script to that field. So when you preview the screen, this jquery field will execute the Jquery and show the out put . To know more about the properties of Jquery Field, refer Common Properties. Index
Button is a component which performs an action when it is clicked. Properties 1.HotKey:It is similar to keyboard shortcut key . You can choose any character on the keyboard which you want to use as shortcut. 2.Disable Condition:The disable condition specifies when a button should be disabled. The disabled attribute can be set to keep a user from clicking on the button until some other condition has been met (like selecting a checkbox, etc.). To know the common properties... [Read More]


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