What is Reference Item It is an Item that you specify in any part of the application as Reference Item. This makes you get the replica of an Item. Why you need Reference Item It helps you reduce the repeated work that you need to do. Where to use Reference item You can use the Reference item where you feel the repeated work can be reduced. Reference Popup: Now consider two pages i.e Page1 and Page2 in an application. In Page1 create a popup either as a child item to Lin... [Read More]
Datasource Expression can be used to access attribute values from a datasource's data.Commonly Used Syntax#{DatasourceName.attributeName}The DatasouceName above is case sensitive and the attributeName is not case sensitive. Any of the following expressions can be used to retrive the "Employee Name" attribute value from the Employee datasource#{Employee.Employee Name}#{Employee.employeeName}#{Employee. Emp loyee Na me }All the above are same as #{Employee.employeenam... [Read More]
Common Properties of the UI Components Properties Description Allow Blank Specifies if a field can be left blank. Uncheck for mandatory/required fields. Border It draws a border around the component. You may want to uncheck this property most of the time, especially when you have nested layouts to avoid too many border lines around the layout contains. Body Border It provides an interior border on the body element of the panel. Most likely this would be checked for a... [Read More]
Turn TextFields into an LOV based on a Query or a Table in seconds!
You can build browser based mobile applications in Telidos Platform with the help of JQueryMobile JavaScript Library. All you need is just a browser to build these mobile applications similar to the Desktop applications built on Telidos Platform. To build screen specific for mobile, you just have to write javascript code for the UI. All the server side stuff is managed by Platform through DataSource. Telidos Mobile App Role List Page Issue Stream Page Issue Details ... [Read More]
#Item Type 1 Angular Guage - This uses a radial scale to display your data range and a dial is used to indicate the data value 2 Area 2D - These charts are used to show trends and performance over a period of time 3 Attachment - This Ui component is used, when you want to upload a document or a file. 4 Bar 3D - A chart in which the data is represented as bars. 5 Button - A Ui component that can perform some action on button click. 6 Button Group - Grouping of bu... [Read More]
Border Layout FitLayout Grid RowLayout BorderLayout Bottom Bottom margin in pixels Collapsed Check if this border layout region should be rendered in collapsed state Collapsible Check to allow the user to collapse this region. Note: Panel header should be visilble as the collapsible icon will be placed on the header of the panel. Left Left margin in pixels Max Applicable if Split is checked. Set the maximum size in pixels upto which the user can expand the panel... [Read More]
Paste As Rows property for Grid This property enables pasting data from Excel Sheet to Grid. We can quickly update or insert mass data from Excel to GridSelect the Row and Column for which you want to paste data. Now go to column header and click on the icon() to see a menu. Hover on 'Paste As Rows' menu item to see a TextArea where you can paste the data (Use Ctrl+v). Data will be inserted from selected row onwards. If no row is selected then it will insert from 1st row onw... [Read More]
ComboBox ComboBox is a commonly used graphical user interface item type.It is a combination of a drop-down list or list box and it is a single-line textbox, allowing the user to either type a value directly into the control or choose from the list of existing options. A simple ComboBox look like this Uses of ComboBox Combo boxes are typically applied to provide autocomplete or autotype functionality in a convenient way to the user . Here you can see how a ComboBox is... [Read More]
When to change Grid Style Grid Cell style can be changed to indicate something significant to the user like a cell with certain value can be indicated in one color etc. How to Change Go to Global CSS. Specify the custom style classes here. Save the changes. Now goto the page. Customize Page on which the Grid style has to be modified. Select the Grid column on which the style needs to be applied. Use the 'Style Class' attribute in the Property Pallet at the b... [Read More]


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