Action Check Condition Action Hide Action Show ... Action Set Heading Action Set Height Action Invoke Popup Action Clear Datasource Action Collapsed Action Copy Action Duplicate Action Goto Record Action HIdeShow Column Action Insert Action Invoke Datasource Refrence Item Switch Action Action Refresh Action Query Action Set Insert Allowed ... Action Set Record Status Action Set Required Action Set Update Allowed Action Set Window Title Action Show Help Action Show Info ... [Read More]
What is a Grid? Grid is a powerful data widget for displaying and editing large lists of related data. Grid provides fast and flexible rendering of data and includes built-in support for plug-ins, grouping, summary views, full in-place editing, custom column models, and header menus (supporting hiding, sorting, and grouping). An example of Grid is shown. What is an Editable Grid? Editable Grid is one of the functionality that RAPAPP platform provides. It is an enhancement... [Read More]
The Link token defines the relationship between a document and an external resource. You must select the item type ' Link ' in property data type. You must specify the link address in Link token filed in property vallet. Syntax for link address $p$ followed by the target page code &_wc followed by the Object Name (Data Source)=[attribute_condition_value~attribute2_condition_value2]. Condition could be =, >, <, >=, <=, <>, LIKE or NOT LIKE. eg: $p$editcu... [Read More]
Search Criteria Search : It is to provide the users with a functionality where he can find the required data by specifying the conditions.The RAPAPP platform has come up with 3 types of searches . Simple search Advanced search Customized search Simple Search Initially the search criteria is enabled for all the fields in a grid when you generate a page. Image:Simple Search Now if you want to remove the search functionality on a field that is in the grid,Go to Customi... [Read More]
What is Custom Style Custom Style is a feature, using which you can apply CSS styles on the required fields. CustomStyle To Form Panel To apply CustomStyle to Form Panel fields, you need to follow the following rules. Consider you have a Form panel and all the required fields are populated in the form panel. To apply CSS style to the field in the form panel,you have to define individual Style classes for Field label and Field data. Now go to Navigation→ Administration →Se... [Read More]
What is a Page? A Page is a visual representation of one or more Datasource Objects. Pages are the basic building blocks which contains the user interface of the applications. Contents in a Page The Contents in a Page are the different Items with which the user interacts with the application. User Interface Items consists of various Panels. We add the UI components like Button, TextField, Text Area ,Combo-box,Check box, Date-field etc on these panels which take the user... [Read More]
Portal Portal is a widget which is added to the content panel or layout container. We can add only portlets as childs to this portal. Portal allows you to drag the widget and resize accordingly. Each portal can be expanded and collapsed. Portlet We can add portlet as a child widget to portal and nowhere else. We can add portal inside a portlet but not portlet inside a portlet . We can add any type and any number of widgets to the portlet like Grid, Form Panel, Bar3d, ... [Read More]
(Redirected from MultiFiled) Multi filed is an item type in which you can add other item types like number field,combo box etc within that item type.You can see all the itemtypes added to the multifield. Go to CustomizePage. Select an item type called 'Multifield' in property vallet. Add subitems to the Multifield. Select the view attributes properly for the subitems. Example: If you want a phone number with an areacode and country code,you can go for multi filed. ... [Read More]
What is FieldSet? The fieldset lets you logically group together elements in a form, its like a container that wraps its elements. Create a FieldSet To create a Field Set go to Customize page and click on the container where the FieldSet should be added. Click new and select the item type as FieldSet. In the below shown image four fieldsets are present. The first fieldset is clicked and it contains two Form Panels.Each Form Panel contains two Combobox.
A chart is a graphical representation of data, in which "the data is represented by symbols, such as bars in a bar chart, lines in a line chart, or slices in a pie chart. The following fileds should be selected in the property vallet. Data Source: Table name from which you want to retrieve data. Category key attribute: The column name must be selected so that the mathematical functions will be performed on this column Function: You can choose functions like Coun... [Read More]


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