What is Reference Item It is an Item that you specify in any part of the application as Reference Item. This makes you get the replica of an Item. Why you need Reference Item It helps you reduce the repeated work that you need to do. Where to use Reference item You can use the Reference item where you feel the repeated work can be reduced. Reference Popup: Now consider two pages i.e Page1 and Page2 in an application. In Page1 create a popup either as a child item to Lin... [Read More]
What is an Object? An Object or DataSource is the metadata definition of a Database Table or View or a PL/SQL Package. All the DML statements are generated using the Object metadata. Objects are bound to the UI Controls like Grid, Panels, Charts, Calendar, Maps etc. How to Query an Object Definition? Navigation →Developer →Data Source List. Search for the Object on the Object Search region. How to create a new Object Definition? First enter the table name, then ... [Read More]
It groups multiple buttons to be viewed as single button. Steps to Create a Button Group: Select the page on which you want to add a Button Group, Go to Customize Page Select the panel under which you want to add Click on New button to create a new Item Select the Item Type as Button Group Specify the value for Text property Optionally choose an icon from the Icon property drop down Click on Save To add buttons to the group, select the button group item and click on New bu... [Read More]
What is Button Action? Button Actions let you define the execution/process (What needs to happen) when a button is clicked by the user. Multiple actions can be defined on a single button. How to add Button Action? In the designer view, select the button on which action needs to be defined Click on New button to add a child Item Select the item type as Button Action Choose the Action you want to perform from the list of actions displayed Optionally specify a condition under... [Read More]
If you require an attachment to be stored as part of your table, then create a column with data type as Decimal. Navigate to the datasource definition screen of that datasource to sync it with new changes made to the table if you already created a datasource for that table or create a new Datasource. As the Attachment field in the table is specified as decimal, when the datasource is synced or created - all the datasource attributes are synced with same data type as in table... [Read More]
What is LOVField? One can bind the list of values for a particular field in the page by using LOVField i.e., if you want to show the list of object values/database column values where user can choose. LOVField is extension of ComboBox, where user can traverse the list of values. LOVField looks like. When Lov field is clicked, it will display a popup with the field list. Select a project name from the list and click on select. Different ways of configuring the Lov 1) B... [Read More]
#Item Type 1 Angular Guage - This uses a radial scale to display your data range and a dial is used to indicate the data value 2 Area 2D - These charts are used to show trends and performance over a period of time 3 Attachment - This Ui component is used, when you want to upload a document or a file. 4 Bar 3D - A chart in which the data is represented as bars. 5 Button - A Ui component that can perform some action on button click. 6 Button Group - Grouping of bu... [Read More]
Action Check Condition Action Hide Action Show ... Action Set Heading Action Set Height Action Invoke Popup Action Clear Datasource Action Collapsed Action Copy Action Duplicate Action Goto Record Action HIdeShow Column Action Insert Action Invoke Datasource Refrence Item Switch Action Action Refresh Action Query Action Set Insert Allowed ... Action Set Record Status Action Set Required Action Set Update Allowed Action Set Window Title Action Show Help Action Show Info ... [Read More]
Paste As Rows property for Grid This property enables pasting data from Excel Sheet to Grid. We can quickly update or insert mass data from Excel to GridSelect the Row and Column for which you want to paste data. Now go to column header and click on the icon() to see a menu. Hover on 'Paste As Rows' menu item to see a TextArea where you can paste the data (Use Ctrl+v). Data will be inserted from selected row onwards. If no row is selected then it will insert from 1st row onw... [Read More]
What is a Condition? A Condition is an expression that should evaluate to either true or false When do we use it? Conditions are used wherever an action is to be performed. Where it is used? All Button ActionsUI RulesDataSource Actions Syntax AND #{person.name} == 'srikanth' && #{person.age} == '29' OR true || false EQUALS #{person.city} == 'Hyderabad' NOT #{person.name} !='David' TERNARY a == b ? x : y GREATER THAN a > b


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