Packages Package is a DB-Design template for a datasource, platform provides you with a default package with SQL statements. You can further modify or add bussiness logic to the package as per your requirement. Why to use a package? The default template provided by the platform contains select, insert, update and delete SQL statements. If you want to perform any operation before or after insert, before or after upadate, before or after delete then you can write your busine... [Read More]
When to change Grid Style Grid Cell style can be changed to indicate something significant to the user like a cell with certain value can be indicated in one color etc. How to Change Go to Global CSS. Specify the custom style classes here. Save the changes. Now goto the page. Customize Page on which the Grid style has to be modified. Select the Grid column on which the style needs to be applied. Use the 'Style Class' attribute in the Property Pallet at the b... [Read More]
What is a Singleton Panel If you specify panel as singleton then it means the datasource associated with the panel is singleton. When to use it? If you want to use same datasource instance in two or more pages then we can make use of this singleton panel. How to Create Singleton Panel While creating a panel specify the Datasource and select the Singleton property. Which means the datasource specified has only one instance. Example Say you have a page called pa... [Read More]
What is an email action? It is an operation where user can configure email sending option on each row insert/update of data source object. How to configure an email action? To set up email action, you need to select Navigation→ Rapapp Administration → Datasource Objects Select a data source object for which you want to specify the email settings. Click on the data source name and it will take you to that data sources details page. Go to the Actions Tab and click on ... [Read More]
What is a Grid? Grid is a powerful data widget for displaying and editing large lists of related data. Grid provides fast and flexible rendering of data and includes built-in support for plug-ins, grouping, summary views, full in-place editing, custom column models, and header menus (supporting hiding, sorting, and grouping). An example of Grid is shown. What is an Editable Grid? Editable Grid is one of the functionality that RAPAPP platform provides. It is an enhancement... [Read More]
Note: Please refer to TextField for details on other properties that are not listed below A date field is an editable component for presenting date and time (calender) information that may be placed into a form. When you create datefield you will get datepicker with it. When Applicable Start Date is specified as d4 and Applicable End Date is specified as d2 then the date field is shown as follows. Properties Format It is used for date fields and currencies to d... [Read More]
If you want to invoke a Procedure on button click, then go to Customize page. Select the button and click on new Then from the property pallet select the item type as "ActionInvokeDatasource" and specify the datasource that you want to work on. When Action Invoke Data Source is performed it checks if there are any unsaved fields in the page. So If you check 'Ignore Dirty' property then it ignores the unsaved changes in the page and performs the Action Inv... [Read More]
Panels are widgets which can contain other widgets as their childs and vice versa. As such, they are used for layout and only rarely have data associated with them directly. Layout Container Content Panel Form Panel Tab Panel Tab Item Layout Container Layout Container is the base for all other containers.One of the core capabilities of layout container is its ability to use various layout managers that will size and position child widgets in different ways. To know mor... [Read More]
What is inline editing in LOV? Inline editing in LOV is an additional feature that platform provides. What's big deal about it? Inline Editing of LOV provides you the ability to update the existing data in the datasource object. When do we use it? When you want to edit the data on the fly. Steps to implement inline editing feature in LOV Goto Customize Page Select the Lov Field which is already existing in Page Layout.Click New icon on the top left corner to add... [Read More]
What is a UI Rule? UI Rule allows you to add dynamic behaviour to the Page. Using UI rules you can change the Page Title, Hide Fields, Show Fields etc. UI Rules are defined at page level and the same can be applied to the referenced pages. When do we use it? Rules can be used when you need to manipulate the UI items on the fly based on actions being performed on the Page by user.You can perform an Action on the page when a specific event is performed on a respective compon... [Read More]


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